Time Management Skills

Time Management means organizing and divide your time according to activities.Good time management makes you work smarter not harder and you can get more work done in less time span even when time is low and you have more pressure.

Everybody want to improve their time management skills even those who already have strong time management skills. Still thinks there is some room for improvement.If you are not able to manage time it will damage your effectiveness and create stress.Some people have thinking there is not enough time in a day to finish their work. But reality is everybody get same 24 hours time. How some people achieve so much more with their time than others.The answer hidden in good time management skills.

Here I am sharing some time management skills which play very important role in your productivity and other part of life.

Make Task List – Make a complete list of whole tasks which you want to perform.For reminder you can use phone.Before making list of tasks make sure you are able to perform. Nobody wants a long list of tasks and at the end of days mostly tasks not done.

Make Schedule – Before start of the day make the task list according to priority.For better time management skills you can make different list for home, work, personal things.You can start improving your time management by organizing your days and tasks in advance.If you are not able to perform according to schedule then take one or two week to track every single thing you are doing each day.It will help you to perform better.

Priority – Task priority play important role in time management.To successfully execute any project you need to decide which part of the project are most important and impact on business in short and long term.But that not means you ignore less important tasks. They can create back log for you.

Avoid Stress – Sometime work come with pressure.Some people perform in pressure and got motivations to take action and done a good job.Some people feel stress when accept more work than aility.Result is feel tired which effect on productivity. So always try to avoid stress.

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