How To Get a Bank Job

Banking industry have varieties of roles with different responsibilities.
These roles are Probationary Officer, Clerk-cum-Cashier, tellers – entry level workers who deal directly with basic financial transactions and questions from customers at the bank, personal advisors who help individuals to reach financial goals and manage their assets through providing budgeting, investment and retirement planning advice, and loan officers,
who determine whether or not to approve applications for mortgage, personal or business loans etc.

If you want to make career in banking then the basic minimum requirement these days is a graduation degree. Some private banks even these days ask for MBA degree.

There is lots of jobs in public and private sector banks like Accountants, Financial analysts, Auditors, Personal financial advisors, Loan officers etc.
For government bank job there is entrance exam known as the IBPS. Question related to IBPS exam is reasoning, quantitative aptitude, general awareness and computers.
The requirements for qualify for this exam is graduate with 50% marks.

For getting job in bank here is the few tips.

First decide which banking job you want. There is many jobs like Accountants, Financial analysts, Auditors, Personal financial advisors,Loan officers.
Each has different requirements, responsibilities, and pay grades.

After you decide which job position you would like to apply for make sure you have the necessary skills.

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